Montessori cot / L1

The Montessori wooden cot L1 is the ideal solution to contain the dreams of the little ones.

  • The structure is light, the product weighs 15kg, it is assembled by interlocking 5 pieces of birch plywood.
  • This cot fits in any corner of the bedroom and can be used from the beginning of the crawling phase up to 5/6 years.
  • It is 100% wood: no screws, nails or other plastic or metal parts.
  • It is easily assembled with your hands and the help of a hammer to fix the joint.
  • The ground level structure makes this cot safe and manageable, at the same time, it offers the possibility to develop movement in a free way and to have a comfortable cot suitable for children.


L1 is the wooden Montessori crib designed by Totem to give freedom of movement to children and safety to parents.

The design and the netural raw material follow the montessori criteria for the furnishing of children's spaces.

This Montessori cot is the guardian of children's dreams, allowing greater independence at bedtime: children can get in, out and put it away by themselves.

It is also an excellent solution for nurseries and kindergartens because of its convenient size and the interlocking system that allows you to store them in one space by stacking the beds one on top of the other.

Without the use of the mattress, the cot can serve as a storage chest for toys.

You can order this crib with custom dimensions by requesting a free quote at this link.

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Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 70 × 130 × 33 cm

Natural, White, Red