Convertible wooden bed / Z4

The Z4 transformable cradle is made of 100% wood and accompanies the growth of the child.

  • One product with three options: cot with bars, next to me cot or sofa and desk.
  • This wooden cradle is lightweight: it weighs 26 kg.
  • It can be assembled and disassembled in all versions with extreme ease: only 6 pieces of birch plywood interlocking assembled .
  • No screws, nails and no plastic or metal parts. Assembly can be carried out by hand only!
  • The certified raw material is a guarantee of product quality and durability.


Totem Z4's convertible wooden crib is multifunctional and affordable, if you think you'll get 3 pieces of furniture in one.

The little ones' bedroom will always have a cosy atmosphere thanks to this children's bed, which is aimed with balance and empathy towards the little ones, and with practicality and functionality towards the parents.

During the first years it will be a safe and pleasant cradle, when the child grows, with a simple modification, you can use the wooden c ot as a sofa or as a bed next to me and when it's time to go to school it flips over and becomes a comfortable desk.

The holes in the base of the cot are used for the transpiration of the mattress and in the desk version can accommodate glasses to be used as pencil or object holders.

To view the wooden rocking cradle you can visit Z2 and go to the For Kids category to view Totem products for toddlers!

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 39 × 16 × 8 cm

Natural, White, Red


Without futon, With futon