Totem wardrobes and bookcases are modular and customizable. In the case of bookcases, in addition to the dimensions, the types of components can also be customized regarding the accessories that can be integrated with the bookcase: shelves, drawers, doors. All the bookcases  are freely modular, they can be open or clos, made-to-order in width or in height. They are suitable for all domestic environments and they are functional for spaces dedicated to work and study.

Hanging bookcases

Over the years Totem has developed different types of bookcases, some that rest on the floor and others that are hanging. The concept behind all the bookcases is flexibility, i.e. the ability to adapt to different needs. Hanging bookcases are made of panels where you can hook all sorts of components: shelves, desks, drawers, lamp stands, hooks and wardrobe containers. For more information visit the specific category.


Modular bookcase


Modular hanging system


Hanging bookcase