Hanging cabinet one module / H1-1

This suspended wooden cabinet has a module to which height levels can be added to become a multi-purpose piece of furniture!

  • You can choose the composition and size: it grows up to 4 levels in height
  • It is made of 100% wood (birch plywood)
  • The options and combinations for this hanging panel are numerous: you can request shelves, drawers, coat hooks and it can even become a solid wall desk!
  • Strength and durability guaranteed by the certification of the raw material used, the millimetric design, the laser cuttingtechnology and the functional design of the interlocking system.


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H1-1 is the single-module option within Totem 's hanging panel system . Totem that offers suspended furniture with different variations and multiple uses.

The photographs and standard combinations proposed in the shop are only a guide to highlight the possible variations of this panel system, you can send us a detailed request with your custom configuration at this link.

To see other multi-module variants visit products H1-2, H1-3.

All kinds of accessories can be attached to the wall panels, such as shelves, drawers, desks, lecterns, clothes hooks and LED lamps to illuminate worktops and shelves. In addition, the various accessories can be repositioned to change the configuration of the panel.

The advantages of this hanging system are many: they do not take up floor space and allow easy cleaning of the floor, the suspended cabinet used as a hanging bookcase has a less bulky appearance than a floor standing bookcase and can also be placed on top of a desk or over the headboard of a bed.

With this modular system you are free to choose the details: the panels can be of different sizes and can be placed side by side to form continuous walls and bookcases of large format:you can send us your proposal at this link!

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 75 × 34 × 49 cm

Natural, White, Red


50×45, 50×80, 50×115, 50×150