Since 2004 TOTEM has designed and built made-to-measure structures using the same materials, technlogies and criteria as for our furniture designs. The system is based on realizing single objects or entire interiors designed as huge, knock-down, ready-to-assemble, fully-jointed kits.
Traditionally, made-to-measure furniture is high cost in terms of design and realization, with variable results depending on the skill of the designer and the quality of materials used.
TOTEMBUILD is based on a completely innovative concept: computer-based design and cut by laser, single elements or entire spaces can be produced with speed and precision, entirely in wood, without the additional cost of the work of a carpenter.
There are no limits to the constuction possibilities. Any element can be produced, whether structural (walls, stairs, railings, lofts) or functional (doors, kitchens, cabinets, all types of furniture).


Limited costs

The cost per square meter for a TOTEMBUILD structure is much lower than a made-to-order structure built using traditional methods.

Speedy execution

The delivery times for our products are very short thanks to the fact that the elements are assembled directly on site and do not need the intervention of a carpentry shop.

High quality

The jointed assembly of the pieces make the structures very strong, and laser technology guarantees extremely precise joints.


All of the TOTEMBUILD components are made of large birch plywood panels. Plywood is a material made entirely of layers of wood. The veins of each layer are perpendicular to each other, giving this high quality material excellent mechanical characteristics, since it is both flexible and robust.
The compact, lightly striped surface can be colored or painted.
The panels are calibrated to a uniform thickness and then cut by a CNC laser machine. This technology creates elements with black, literally burned edges, which accuentuate the characteristic graphic look and underline the thickness of the panels.
Prior to assembly, the components are painted, either with oil-based or water-based paints. Both types of finish can be used with or without colored pigments.