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We believe in the value of creativity as research, experimentation, a search for beauty and harmony. We believe in simplicity as an esthetic, a language that gives value to pure essence.
Our jewelry is handmade one piece at a time in Milan, designed by a passionate designer who has dedicated his career to wood.


paloYplata creations are designed Paolo Cogliati, a Milanese designer, the founder of TOTEM, who is passionate about wood in all its forms, from houses to chairs, spoons to rings, flutes to guitars.
"Wood is the memory of nature and confers humanity and joy to our daily lives. I am looking for an esthetic idea based on simplicity, a creative value in itself that does not take away but rather adds meaning to things by revealing their essence. I design objects that are not ephemeral and perishable like fads, that do not last a single year but as long as possible, not only because they are well made but also thanks to their design, which is perhaps the key to ecology".


Wood and silver are the only materials we use to make our jewelry. Wood, the ultimate natural substance, brings nature, warmth, the wild and mysterious world of woods and forests to mind. Silver is a symbol of purity and preciousness. We carefully choose these materials according to ecology and ethics.
The carefully selected woods are special due to their color, hardness and texture. We use Macassar ebony from Madagascar and Brazilian bois rose together with boxwood and olive wood from the Mediterranean regions of central Italy. The wood is turned or made into thin, double-layered slabs and then cut by laser.
The wooden components are carefully polished and finished with beeswax. Sterling silver is used to create rings, using the lost wax method or we choose thin wire to wrap components, like our pendants.